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One of the most important things when hitting is your hand connection with the bat. All hitters deserve a bat tape that allows them to execute a controlled, comfortable and tension-free swing.

Lizard Skins batting tape will reduce vibration in the swing which leads to reduced stress in your hands. This will give all hitters a relaxed grip and at the same time a feeling of complete control during the swing. 

Lizard Skins pattern ensures top of the line performance in all weather.

  • 0.5 millimeter, 1.1 millimeter or 1.8 millimeter thickness
  • 990 mm (39 inches) in length with pre-cut ends
  • Full adhesive back
  • Designed to fit wood, composite or aluminum Bats
  • Finishing Tape is included
  • Grip Sizes

    0.5 mm: 

    Top grip chosen by pros, Ideal on wood bats, No added thickness to the handle, and More direct feedback from the bat.

    1.1 mm: 

    Great all-around grip, Balances cushion with thickness, Highest versatility, and Great for transitioning from composite to wood.

    1.8 mm:

    Industry standard thickness on stock bats, Highest vibration dampening effect, Confidence builder for youth, and Comfort for experienced players.