About us

Zone Traxx: Hitting and Pitching, LLC was formed in 2019 by two former players and head baseball coaches that love the game. They saw a need to harness the power of statistics and technology that would help all players develop and give them more in-game analytics to take with them into lessons, to practice, and to improve their overall personal performance. We believe that players shouldn’t have to be in the dark about their personal and team analytics. Everyone deserves access to a tool that does the heavy lifting for them. The current market for in-game quality analytics is overpriced and not available to everyone. We are setting out to change that. 

In 2020, we added two more former players, coaches, and umpires to our staff. They have helped with the design of the Zone Traxx app and development to implement in baseball and softball games. 

After seeing the Zone Traxx app continue to grow and the excitement around providing players with real time analytics at an affordable price, we knew we could do more. We have now set off to also help players have access to top quality bats, batting gloves, fielding gloves, and other equipment at the lowest price possible. 

Thank you for visiting our store and supporting us as we continue to supply top level analytics and equipment to baseball and softball players at the lowest cost possible. Use the year we were formed as the promo code and you will receive a discount at checkout. 

Zone Traxx Staff: Jesse Peters, Matt Cox, Justin Dozier, and Tommy Warner

Zone Traxx App Webpage: zonetraxx.com

Contact:  info@zonetraxx.com